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Aluminium Louver Window

Aluminum shutter shade, mainly made of aluminum alloy, with advantage of excellent durability and heat insulation. It is easy to clean and free from aging and fading. It is shading and fireproof. Aluminium louver window can be used for office buildings, rooms, hotels, villas and other places.

Aluminium louver window can be controlled manually or by means of technological devices. Aluminium louver window can be printed, there is a variety of color to choose, catering to people fond of colorful and rich life. It is also a decoration that brings vitality for the bedroom.

The iron top slot, bottom slot and installation code are coated with different colors. The two ends of the box-shaped installation code are made of metal. When installing and disassembling, you only need to open the installation code. When the curtain is beyond a certain height, it is equipped with a middle bracket. Installation code and top slot are in the same color.

1. The blades are made of high-quality aluminum alloy materials, with necessary accessories.

2. The upper and lower rails are pressed into one by aluminum, and the coating adopts electrostatic powder spraying process.

3. The top slot, bottom slot and installation code are all coated with different colors of baking paint.

4. The blade has smooth surface, rich color, resilience and toughness.

5. The surface color of aluminum alloy curtain has high heat resistance and with excellent dimming and shading, good flexibility. It is not easy to deform and have high heat insulation and resists ultraviolet ray.

6. The color will not fade due to prolonged exposure to the sun. Aluminium louver window adopts aluminum blade with high thermal reflectivity, which can reflect most of the sunlight heat. And this is helpful to improve the cooling and heating effect of air conditioner and achieve the purpose of energy saving.

Guangdong Galuminium Extrusion Co, Ltd. is able to offer different kinds of aluminium shutter. We are proud of our technique and technology which satisfy so many consumers.

Established in 1993, Guangdong Galuminium Extrusion Co., Ltd (Galuminium hereafter) is one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Galuminium Group Co., Ltd (GAL hereafter). With its headquater in Guangzhou, GAL is a leading company in China, specializing in bauxite mining, aluminium smelting, R&D, production as well as installation of aluminium extrusion profiles, aluminium windows and aluminium doors.Simple and durable aluminum louvers window in Stock can make fixed louver and hand-operated opening ways.
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Simple And Durable Aluminum Louvers Window

Simple And Durable Aluminum Louvers Window

Simple and durable aluminum louvers window can make fixed louver and hand-operated opening ways.

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