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Automatic Aluminum Sliding Door

For the manufacturing processing of aluminum alloy doors and windows, from the production of aluminium extrusion profile to assembly of aluminum doors, to the doors assembly test to packing. They can all be produced in Guangdong Galuminium Extrusion Co., Ltd. Factory, we are able to make the product design standardized, serialied, greatly improving the production technology of aluminum doors and windows as well as economic effect.

Advantage of automatic aluminum sliding door:

1. Aesthetic appearance

There is a wide varity of partitions available in the market. Smart use of these partitions along with beautiful and pleasing designs as well as different color schemes can make your office more pretty and broad in comparison with walls.

2.Aluminum sliding door enjoy popularity for its good water-tightness, air-tightness as well as better performance of anti-corrosion.

3. The frame strength of aluminum sliding door is relatively high and it is very durable.

4. The ability to resist wind pressure is also very strong, which is more suitable for high-rise building (Architecture) and civil residence.

5. Convenient

Automatic aluminium sliding door can be made into three sashes, four sashes and even more,depending on your choices and style. There is a collection featuring modern design which are distinguished by extreme simplicity and visual severity. Functionality and beauty are integrated in a classical door. They are available in a surprisingly wide variety of models with an astounding array of technical and aesthetic features.

Guangdong Galuminium Extrusion Co., Ltd is able to provide automatic aluminium sliding door of high quality and competitive price. We are also be devoted to manufacturing automatic aluminium sliding door that are both beautiful and practical. Surface treatment is depending on customer’s choice. We always intends to produce aluminium windows and doors combining aesthetic visual sense and strong practicability. It is believed that our products will not frustrate you.

Galuminium is the pioneer of aluminium profile fabrication, aluminium deep-processing and the installation of aluminium projects in China. We possess more than 20 different tonnage extrusion production lines imported from Japan and Taiwan, powder coating lines from Britain, PVDF coating lines from France, thermal break profile from Italy and Korean powder coating 3D wood grain line (the most advanced anodized and electrophoresis production line in Asia). The Bulk automatic aluminum electric sliding door made in China suitable for indoor use.The automatic aluminum Electric sliding doors are further developed on the basis of sliding doors, automating the original manual sliding process, completely freeing hands, and giving people a comfortable and warm home environment.
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Automatic Aluminum Sliding Door manufacturers and Automatic Aluminum Sliding Door suppliers in China - GAL. Our Automatic Aluminum Sliding Door are advanced, high-quality and contain CE certificates, we support bulk which can be customized at low price or cheap price. Welcome to wholesale and buy discount Automatic Aluminum Sliding Door in stock made in China from our factory. Do you provide quotations? Yes. We can also provide you with newest Automatic Aluminum Sliding Door price list. If you need, we also supply you with free sample.For more info, welcome to contact us.
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