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Aluminium Lifting Sliding Door

Aluminium lifting sliding door has overall better performance because of hardware accessories. Heavy duty aluminium lifting sliding door are generally used as large sliding doors, so its hardware to push and pull will be more advanced than the common hardware, such as handle to open and close, transmission box, transmission rod and pulley and so on.The handle design of lifting sliding door is quite humanized since it is easy to operate, flexible, beautiful. The pulley of the heavy sliding door consists of two groups of parallel pulleys and transmission connecting rods, so the bearing capacity of the heavy sliding door is good enough and the it is relatively smooth. And security and stability satisfy people’s requirement.


It is often installed in high-rise building.

The whole system of aluminium lifting sliding door is produced under the principle of lever mechanics to control it by gently rotating the tailored handle to open and close the door.

Advantage of aluminium lifting sliding door:

1. Better performance on sealing

There is a certain gap between the lifting and falling of the door sash, the sealing tape can be used to achieve better sealing effect, thus reducing energy consumption and noise.

2. Easy operation

Just rotating the handle,the aluminium lifting sliding door can be opened and closed.

3. Environmental-protected

Owing to advanced technique and thermal-break, it can save energy and has better performance on heat-insulation as well as noise-insulation, which make you feel comfortable.

Guangdong Galuminium Extrusion Co., Ltd is able to provide aluminium lifting sliding door of high quality and competitive price. We are also be devoted to manufacturing aluminium lifting sliding door that are both beautiful and practical. Surface treatment is depending on customer’s choice. We always intends to produce aluminium windows and doors combining aesthetic visual sense and strong practicability. It is believed that our products will not frustrate you.


Galuminium is the pioneer of aluminium profile fabrication, aluminium deep-processing and the installation of aluminium projects in China. We possess more than 20 different tonnage extrusion production lines imported from Japan and Taiwan, powder coating lines from Britain, PVDF coating lines from France, thermal break profile from Italy and Korean powder coating 3D wood grain line (the most advanced anodized and electrophoresis production line in Asia). This Low Price lifting sliding door with double glass for commercial buildings is suitable for large opening and it integrates conciseness and beauty. It is cost-effective and the ideal type for houses in the housing estate.
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